About the Next Book…

Well, the sequel to The Magician’s Doll is in process for publication! The first draft was completed almost three months ago and after all the time it took to write, it’s a bit of a shock to feel how these three months have passed with barely a blink of the eye. So without further ado, here is where things stand:

The title of the book is…

*****   THE WORLDS TRAVELER   *****

Life on the run from a madman named Martin gets in the way of everything.

For fourteen-year-old Phillip, it means having to stay hidden, unable to use his gift of moving through maps to search for his missing father. But the arrival of a stranger named Delroy brings unexpected opportunity, for Delroy is a man with the ability to travel worlds hidden within our own, and he was sent by Phillip’s father. Now Phillip will do everything he can to find his dad, even if it means tricking Delory into helping him, or a quest through those hidden worlds.

Even if leaving home means Martin can now find him.

You may have noticed that the point of view this time around is Phillip’s whereas in The Magician’s Doll, it was Natalie’s. I thought Phillip’s point of view would be more compelling since this story is about the search for his father. Natalie is still a main character, though, and the two work very much in tandem.

I’m excited to be working with Editor Todd Barselow on The Worlds Traveler. Todd is a busy man, having just formed his own publishing company, Auspicious Apparatus Press, and I feel lucky to have booked him. If you get a chance, check out Auspicious Apparatus Press. I’m sure we’ll all be hearing great things about the works coming from Todd’s publishing house!

I’ve been fortunate to work with really great artists, from Candace Foy Chabot for my first two novels, to Julius Camenzind for The Worlds Traveler.

I had a feel for what I wanted for the cover of The Worlds Traveler, and once I saw Julius’ work, I just had to contact him! Not only did he not disappoint, he went beyond. My exact words when he sent the final illustration?

“Do I really get to put this gorgeous cover on my book?”

I’ll be doing a cover reveal soon, but you should check out Julius’ site in the meantime to get a feel for his magic. I can’t wait to share the cover with everyone!

The ebook version of The Worlds Traveler has been listed for pre-order at Apple iTunes, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo. A release date is required for pre-order, so I listed a tentative one for December 11, 2015. The emphasis, though, is on “tentative.” As more of the publishing pieces fall into place, I’ll be better able to firm up that release date. My hope is to release sooner! I’m offering a special pre-order price of $2.99. The price will go up to retail shortly after the book’s release, so please feel free to take advantage of the special pricing!

You don’t need to have read The Magician’s Doll to enjoy The Worlds Traveler, but why not give it a try anyway? It is available as a paperback and ebook at most major retailers. Check for details here.

And that, folks, is all the news that’s fit to print. I’ll have more to share as we move towards publication!