Puppy Dearest

Puppy Dearest

I might complain, Dear Puppy,
That you get better treatment than I,
But when you roll to your haunches,
Belly exposed, eyes so hopeful,
Paws happily scratching the air for pets,
I have to admit,
You deserve it.

Three Two Sentence Horror Stories

Three Two Sentence Horror Stories

I enjoyed the Goodreads Two Sentence Horror Story challenge for Halloween so much I wrote a couple more. They’re posted on Twitter, but for posterity I figured they should be on my blog as well. It’s a little late, but here are all three. Enjoy!

Two Sentence Horror Story #1

In our youth he promised he’d never leave me,
would crawl through earth and stone to be near.
For forty days I yearned and mourned,
until I heard the scratch of nails across my floor
and a voice that rasped,
“I swore…”

Two Sentence Horror Story #2

“Such imagination,” she’d chuckled,
smoothing the blond curls of her precious boy
when he told her the doll on the shelf said they’d play forever.
Over his grave she cried a short time later,
and screamed when one doll became two,
the other with beautiful blond curls.

Two Sentence Horror Story #3

She’s always been the neat type,
her house in order
before she leaves.
So there’s no way to explain,
when she comes home from work,
the lone shoe
meticulously placed
in the middle of her floor.

A Year

A Year

My apologies for taking such a long time to update my blog. The year was a long one that ended in loss and one in which I did not write much. I have not, however, put writing aside forever. The stories I’ve been planning are still going to be written. Only the time frame has shifted. I’m still working on the story I mentioned last year, and the third book in The Hidden Gifted series will follow. There is a change to the series as well; there will be four books instead of three! An idea came to me for the third book, and I am super excited about it. The story will follow Samuel, who was mentioned in the second book, and will give us an idea about what’s been going on outside the world of those we’ve followed in the series so far. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. 🙂

Life is short, my friends. In this past year I’ve learned how important it is to love, to try to be our best selves, and to make the most of the time we have with each other. It is truly my hope that I write stories that add enjoyment to your days.

Love to you all.

Revving Up

Revving Up

I hope summer went well for everyone. It was an eventful one for me, one that took me away from writing for a while, but now I am thinking about what I want to accomplish in the months ahead. I’ve started a standalone story that has been pulling at me for a while that I simply have to get written, and then I have the third book in The Hidden Gifted series. Time to buckle down and get writing again!

I was really excited to find a kid’s review of The Worlds Traveler on the site Kids’ Book Buzz. I sent Kids’ Book Buzz a copy of the book in the hopes of getting a young reader to read and write about it and I lucked out! I always appreciate a review, but I have to admit, there’s a special pleasure in getting one from a young reader, as that is the intended audience for the series. If you have a chance, check out the review here.

I am also thrilled that The Worlds Traveler has found its way onto another library’s bookshelves! The Evergreen Public Library will be participating in Indie Author Day on October 8, 2016 and will be showcasing books from indie authors. If you’re in the area, stop by, take a look, and maybe discover a new author to enjoy. There are a lot of hidden jewels out there. I really can’t thank the Evergreen Public Library enough for the opportunity, and most importantly, the support. Many thanks to them.

Have a wonderful fall!


The Worlds Traveler Earns Literary Classics Seal of Approval!

The Worlds Traveler Earns Literary Classics Seal of Approval!

Oh happy day!! The Worlds Traveler has earned the Literary Classics Seal of Approval. Thank you to Literary Classics International Book Awards and Reviews! I am so thrilled and honored. Their review of The Worlds Traveler has been posted as well. Feel free to check the site and see what books they’ve discovered as good reads!


Thank You Midwest Book Review!

Thank You Midwest Book Review!

If you hear the tip-tapping of happy feet, it’s because The World’s Traveler has a feature/review in the Midwest Book Review online publication Children’s Bookwatch! You can find it in the Children’s Bookwatch April 2016 issue on its Fantasy/SciFi Shelf. Many thanks to James A. Cox and Midwest Book Review for adding The Worlds Traveler to its list of recommended books! Click to read the feature here.

Thank You Glen Ellyn Public Library!

Thank You Glen Ellyn Public Library!

Many thanks to the Glen Ellyn Public Library for adding The Magician’s Doll and The Worlds Traveler to its Emerging Author Collection! I’m so happy the books are on its shelves. If you’re from the area, stop in and check them out and experience for yourselves what a great library Glen Ellyn has!

<span class="entry-title-primary">An Excerpt From The Worlds Traveler</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">The Hidden Gifted, Book Two</span>

An Excerpt From The Worlds Traveler The Hidden Gifted, Book Two

Phillip shifted impatiently. “We don’t have a lot of time for this, Natalie. We need to leave now.”

“Oh, now you want to leave?”

“Quit giving me a hard time. Come on, we have to go!”

“So, let’s just leave from up here. There’s enough light to read the map.”

Phillip shook his head. Sometimes he did not understand her! After a cursory glance around the battery, he heaved himself onto the cannon and then the wall. He slung both legs over to sit next to Natalie.

His breath caught. The view was breathtaking. Lights from the city sprinkled the horizon throwing the buildings into shadowed relief, a mysterious contrast against the dark sky. From where they sat the city was at rest, and Phillip felt a quiet peace steal over him.

“What do you think?” Natalie asked.

“You were right,” he said. “It’s great.” But it was more than that. Watching over the silent city from the battery wall and at the dark sky that stretched forever, Phillip sensed that the world held far more than he knew, and that all of it was out there for him to discover. He felt both small and infinite, and at the same time free.

“My dad is out there somewhere.” His voice was almost a whisper, the words swept by the breeze.

But Natalie heard. Her head bowed until her forehead lay against his shoulder.

“We’ll find him,” she said.

Phillip swiped at the damp corners of his eyes, then reached into his pocket and pulled out his map. “Let’s go.”

Natalie’s head lifted and turned to take a final look at the horizon as Phillip gave the map the place and time of their destination.

The lines rose and formed onto the map’s surface. Phillip and Natalie placed their fingers on the spot they were headed and focused.

“What are you kids doing? Are you crazy?”

The policeman had arrived a ways down the battery. His body was taut with panic and disbelief. He took off at a run for them.

“Get down from there!” he yelled. “You could fall!”

“Quick!” Phillip said.

He felt his power weave around them, fading them into the map.

“Phillip, he’s getting close,” Natalie said. “We don’t have time!”

She was right. The cop was calling to them, his footsteps thundering closer. They weren’t far enough into the map to evade capture.

“We have to jump,” he said.


“We’ll fade through the map before we hit bottom.” Phillip focused harder on their destination and wrapped his arm around her. “Hold on!”

“No, Phillip,” Natalie cried, but she threw her arm around his neck as he yanked her with him off the wall.

The cop gave an anguished roar as they toppled over the side. Phillip’s stomach somersaulted with the fall. The wind flapped against them in a mad whirl. He felt Natalie’s frantic grip, her hair as it whipped against his face and her scream as it pierced his ear. The scenery meshed into a blur with the speed of their descent.

“Keep focusing!” he yelled.

The policeman’s cries sounded above them and then faded. The details of their destination rose to the fore: the city, then the streets and houses, and they fell towards them like a crashing wave.

Fast, they were moving too fast

copyright © 2015 M.L. Roble

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