In The Time Since The Worlds Traveler Release Thanks to Give

Releasing The Worlds Traveler has made for an exciting time! I can’t believe a month has already passed since the paperback version came out and a month and a half since the ebook version. I have really enjoyed this process and am so grateful for all the good things that have happened, one of which has been the opportunity to work with such great bloggers. From joining a blog tour and posting release announcements, excerpts, and reviews, to simply stating they want to help promote it, they’ve all been such a generous group, carving out time and space in their schedules and blogs to post about The Worlds Traveler and help get the word out. It has been such a pleasure and a privilege and I feel so honored to have a space on their pages! I also owe a special thanks to the wonderful Kellie Sheridan of Patchwork Press for helping to pull everyone together for the blog tour. I’ve listed their posts below, so if you have a chance, check them out and see what other goodies they have on their sites. There is much to enjoy! Many, many thanks to them all!


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