Just a Reminder About Availability for The Magician’s Doll

The Magician’s Doll is available for purchase as a paperback and ebook. You can find it as an ebook through most retail outlets including SmashwordsAmazon, Barnes and NobleKobo and Itunes, and through subscription on Scribd and Oyster. You can order the paperback through most book stores including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, The Book Bin and Town House Books (Town House Books may even have a couple of copies in stock at the store!). You should be able to check with your favorite bookseller. A great reference for independent booksellers is www.indiebound.org. The Magician’s Doll is listed on its site here. Locate your local book store and have them order it for you! I wanted The Magician’s Doll to be as widely available for purchase as possible, so hopefully you won’t have to look too far to buy it. 🙂