Kindle Owner’s Lending Library

I’ve been reading up on Amazon’s KDP Select program and I’ve decided to give Select a try for the ebook version of The Magician’s Doll. The majority of my sales are coming from Amazon anyway, and I’m interested in the opportunity I have to lend my book out through the Kindle Lending Library with Amazon Prime.

I had actually tried Select with Encounter Way and hadn’t found it to be very effective, but The Magician’s Doll is a full-length novel whereas Encounter Way is a novella, so maybe the results will be a little different. I figure it’s worth it to experiment and see. I like to tinker!

The commitment to Select is ninety days so Amazon will be the place to go if you’re interested in purchasing The Magician’s Doll. If you’re a member of Prime, you’ll be able to borrow the book through the Kindle Lending Library. Feel free to give it a try!