Three Two Sentence Horror Stories

Three Two Sentence Horror Stories

I enjoyed the Goodreads Two Sentence Horror Story challenge for Halloween so much I wrote a couple more. They’re posted on Twitter, but for posterity I figured they should be on my blog as well. It’s a little late, but here are all three. Enjoy!

Two Sentence Horror Story #1

In our youth he promised he’d never leave me,
would crawl through earth and stone to be near.
For forty days I yearned and mourned,
until I heard the scratch of nails across my floor
and a voice that rasped,
“I swore…”

Two Sentence Horror Story #2

“Such imagination,” she’d chuckled,
smoothing the blond curls of her precious boy
when he told her the doll on the shelf said they’d play forever.
Over his grave she cried a short time later,
and screamed when one doll became two,
the other with beautiful blond curls.

Two Sentence Horror Story #3

She’s always been the neat type,
her house in order
before she leaves.
So there’s no way to explain,
when she comes home from work,
the lone shoe
meticulously placed
in the middle of her floor.