Right Book Right Time

I first came to Ivan Doig’s work when I read The Bartender’s Tale for book club. I loved that story and resolved to read more of his books. Just last month I finished The Whistling Season. At the time I’d been having difficulty finding something I wanted to read. Ever hit that wall before? It’s like craving something to eat, but every food that comes to mind or makes it to the belly just won’t hit the spot. I had checked online for recommendations, sampled all sorts of reads, all to no avail. Finally I went through my TBR pile and found The Whistling Season. Starting it was like settling into comfort food, nourishment for the reading soul. The storytelling is pure and rich, borne of a love of people and place and time, with the actions, the humor, the choices all rooted in warm observation. It was the perfect book at the perfect time and it cemented Ivan Doig as one of my all-time favorite authors. To hear of his passing hits hard; I’m so sad there won’t be more writing from him. I can’t wait to dig into his other works, but I also think I’ll save them for those times when it feels like a craving won’t be satisfied.